TOGNELLA 1/4 Non-Return Speed ​​Adjustment Valve Brass Body
  • Max. Pressure 210 Bar
  • Flow 15 LT/MN

Product Description

The valves FT 1251 / 2-01 allow flow regulation in both directions. Of unmistakable style they are manufactured with materials also suitable for applications with fluids other than oil (such as: water, gas and liquids in general). They are suitable for application where working pressure does not exceed 210 bar, as an alternative to FT 257/2 (suitable up to 400 bar) or where ferrous materials cannot be used. They have the same characteristics as the FT 257 series: • accurate flow regulation; • efficient metallic sealing; • simple setting of flow rates; • secure against accidental needle lift-out; • secure needle position with locking screw inserted in the knob; • panel mounting provision, for which special lock nuts (G) are supplied on request.

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