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20kW Plate Type Doc Series Water Cooler

6,899.43 TL 7,142.13 TL

Alfa Laval DOC (special oil cooler) brazed plate heat exchangers provide the same efficient heat transfer and compact construction as our CB models, but with a specially designed design for oil cooling applications. With a reinforced flange connection that resists high vibrations, DOC units can reliably handle the heavy mechanical loads associated with motor and hydraulic applications.* All DOC Series Coolers work at 30 Bar.* When calculating the energy disposal capacity, the fluid to be cooled has been selected as ISOVG46 oil and the coolant as water. The water flow rate was calculated as half of the specified oil flow rate, and the maximum pressure drop was taken as 1.5 bar.* Flanges and plates of DOC series coolers are completely made of stainless steel and plate soldering process is done with copper. For the complete stainless Alfa Nova series, please contact our sales department...

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