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TOGNELLA 11/4 Non-Slip Steel Body Speed ​​Regulating Valve

5,105.23 TL 5,263.33 TL

The valves FT 257/2 allow flow control in both directions. They are equipped with a needle so to obtain: • efficient metallic seal; • flow linearity at the opening; • accurate regulation for a wide range of flow rate. The typical painted and FT ( standard ) serigraphed aluminium handwheel is equipped with a scale that, together with a keyed metal ring with graduated fractional scale, made up a double reference system to easily identify flow condition. A locking screw in the handwheel ensures stable flow values preventing accidental adjustments or movements due to vibrations and unwanted impacts. A ring nut (G) is used to carry out the panel mounting, on request...


TOGNELLA 11/4 Steel Body Checked Speed ​​Regulating Valve

5,811.47 TL 5,991.41 TL

The valves FT 257/5 have the function of regulating and, if necessary, to shut-off the flow in one direction, allowing a free flow in the opposite direction. Appreciated for their aesthetic characteristics that indulge positively the contructive directions of the equipments on which they are installed , they are also a reliable solution. The proper dimensioning has made possible to obtain, in a little space, a great mechanic resistance of the components. The spring in high-resistance material is housed in such a way that it does not close as a pack during the opening of the taper single-acting shutter valve. Like all the valves of the series FT 257 they ensure: • efficient metallic sealing; • flow linearity at the opening; • accurate control for a wide range of flow rate, thanks to the double reference system • wide range of the flow rate control; • impossibility for the needle to leave its seat even in the max. opening position; • stable positioning thanks to a screw inside the knob; ..

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