Duffmart Practical 5/8 Bronze Towel Warmer Towel Radiator

Duffmart Practical 5/8 Bronze Towel Warmer Towel Radiator

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Product Description

Duffmart Practical 5/8 Bronze Towel Warmer Towel Radiator
With Duffmart Practical multi-functional new generation towel warmer, you can both heat your bathroom and dry your towels, small laundry and bathrobes. You can use it in your home not only in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen, hall and other places you want to heat.Duffmart Practical 5/8 Bronze Towel Towel Radiator, which is produced with high quality standards and can be preferred in your home with its long service life, offers an aesthetic use thanks to its suspension bracket with shock absorber. Thanks to the suspended drying platform with shock absorber, it has a structure that can be opened easily when you want to dry.
The aesthetic looking and ergonomic Duffmart Practical series towel radiators are sold together with their mounting apparatus and can be easily assembled. You can easily replace your towel radiator with Duffmart Practical 5/8 Bronze Towel Radiator. 

Duffmart Towel Warmer General Features
Robust ergonomic design
Electrostatic painted
Modern and Aesthetic Design
High Corrosion Resistance
Conforms to EN 442 Standards
Smooth surface with 3 different sandpaper and smooth scotch cleaning
Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and narrow spaces

Duffmart Practical 5/8 Bronze Towel Warmer Technical Specifications
Width: 50 cm
Height: 82 Cm
Pipe Slices: 12 Pieces
Distance Between Axes: 46 Cm
Heating Power: 372 Kcall
Water capacity :: 3,87 Lt
Shock Absorber Lift Capacity: 4.5 KG
Net Weight: 6,00 KG

What is Duffmart Towel Warmer?
It is a smaller volume, stylish, decorative, easier to clean and maintain, and designed to hang your towels and bathrobes on it, which can be used instead of conventional heaters that are mounted at the bottom of the wall and occupy more space in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Advantages of Duffmart Towel Warmer
1. It provides the same amount of energy more economically.
2. It has a smaller volume and is easy to install.
3. Easier to clean and maintain.
4. Test pressures are 13 bars.
5. Available with electrostatic paint or chrome finish.
6. Also available in chrome plated version.
7. It can be produced in different colors according to your preference.
8. It is more durable and quality.

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